Speaking a different language

Next up in my calendar in April 2017, I’ll be part of the Broken Crow residency at the Everyman Palace in Cork on 13 April. I’m delivering a workshop for artists and creative practitioners on how business concepts can help rather than hinder creative thinking. There are a limited number of spaces so early booking is recommended. FollowContinue reading “Speaking a different language”

Opening up the conversation

I’m delighted to be coordinating and chairing this public talk ‘Brokers and Gatekeepers: Arts & Cultural Leaders in promoting intercultural exchange’ in the Harty Room at Queen’s University Belfast  on 6 April 2017. Tickets (free) are available now by following the link. It should be an interesting and exciting event drawing on the insights ofContinue reading “Opening up the conversation”

A Fair Trade model for theatre?

Always hard to blow your own trumpet but here’s a thing I wrote for The Stage this week in response to an online conversation about the business model of theatre was broken and we had to rethink it. At the same time the overwhelming level of distress and complaint about diversity, lack of opportunity andContinue reading “A Fair Trade model for theatre?”

Setting a standard

Warning: There are no pictures here just a  boring table but please read on as it’s important Much space is given over to discussing appropriate standards of remuneration in the non-profit and public sector. One of the things I have considered over time is the degree to which the boards of non-profits struggle to find and retainContinue reading “Setting a standard”

The triple bottom-line or how a cake shop began to mill flour

This is a neatened up version of my talk at Theatre 2016 in May of this year. It was part of a break-out session titled “Who should pay for the value of theatre?” The conference report should be out shortly.  Check their website.  I’m delighted to be here this Friday afternoon to discuss the boring topicContinue reading “The triple bottom-line or how a cake shop began to mill flour”

Say anything

Like John Cusack standing, his stereo held aloft in Say Anything, the cultural sector can feel left in the cold.  Rejected, with no one listening and, worse, no one returning our affections.  The result – apathy. The next result – further isolation. Does standing still, our hands aloft in supplication, get us anywhere when governmentsContinue reading “Say anything”

Lost at the third click

There are few advantages to being on a bit of an island, off the coast of another island, off the coast of a continent with whom our relationship status would read ‘it’s complicated’. One of the very few advantages is the appreciation of nuance of meaning in the words we use to define who we areContinue reading “Lost at the third click”