Conference Update

With one week left to the All-Island Performing Arts Conference, see the full schedule here. With Andrew Eaton, Michael Keegan Dolan, Shona McCarthy, Tania Canas and Richard De Domenici all delivering addresses, it is a packed programme. Also delighted to see such a range of contributors on the stage from all scales and types of work – Brokentalkers, Abbey Theatre, Gate Theatre, Junk Ensemble, Baboro, Anu Productions, Blue Teapot Theatre Company, Outburst Arts and so many others. If you haven’t booked then now is the time!!

Globally speaking in Belfast

Tania CJust prior to the All-Island Performing Arts Conference in Cork, there will be a special free lunchtime event in Belfast on Monday 19 June with one of its speakers, Tania Cañas. Possible with the help of colleagues at Terra Nova Productions, and the Brokering Cultural Exchange Research network.

For those not familiar with her point of view she has been writing and working in Australia for some years as an arts professional, working in community engaged practice. Some of her most provocative writing is here.

To attend the event on 19 June, follow this booking link.